Hailing from the deepest corner of Texas (Brownsville), Pablo began his long adventure of playing bass as a teenager on the whim of a dream. He longed for an upright bass throughout the years however being broke most of his life, he traded a part of his heart for a 1966 Kay M-1 upright bass. Busted fingers, sore muscles and bruised all over; he’s progressed with a passion that will indeed get you off your seat and straight to the dance floor!

Having conquered her fears of the stage, battling a bruised heart and busted fingers; she has emerged as Virginia The Great! Her style is unmatched and mysterious, subtle yet in your face and has procured the passionate endearment of all those who lend their ears! Having weathered many hardships, she’s fought her way out of the deepest pits of tar to share that sweet nectar that she produces from her guitar alongside her vocals. The power of siblings has given them both supernatural, mythical, extra-ordinary abilities to write and compose music together. They are and will forever be the 8th wonder of world!


Bruised Sinatra

Pablo & Virginia Lopez